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Shenzhen Household Sparkling Soda Water Maker For Sales

The soda maker is a fun, new kitchen appliance essential to your home. Household Soda Water Maker is produced by Limitied Company 405 (Shenzhen office) (Coco Wong: 8.6-7.5.5- .This soda water maker transforms regular tap water into refreshing, sparkling soda water in a matter of seconds.Transform ordinary tap water into fresh great-tasting soda or sparkling water in less than 15 secondsRequires no electricityNo batteries and no clean upMounting of CO2 cylinder1)Position the Soda Maker front face down on a plane and soft surface(to avoid scratches).2)Remove the sealing and the lid of the CO2 cylinder(save the lid for remounting in case ofexchange or return of the CO2 cylinder).3)Demount the rear shield by pressing the bottom button and lifting upwards from the bottom.4)Now draw the rear shield upwards and disengage it completely from the machine..5)Insert the CO2 cylinder through the opening at the bottom.Turn the thread of the CO2 cylinder clockwise(seen from the bottom)in the valve thread at the top of the machine.6)Make sure that the CO2 cylinder is completely tightened(never use unnecessary force,whichmight damage the machine).7)Mount the rear shield (see figure below).Start by inserting the top part of the rear shield intothe top of the machine8),Maker sure that the ridge on the back shield9)Is situated beneath the carbonation button and the click the shield into position.Filling and mounting of the water bottle1)Always clean the bottle in detergent water before use(max 40°Cwarm water).Rinse carefully in clean water after cleansing.2)Fill the water bottle with cold water to the middle of the MAX and MIN markings.Never add more or less water than these levels.Always keep the tip of the carbonation tube immersed in the water.3)Tip the bottle bracket outwards and insert the water bottle in the thread.Turn the bottle clockwise until firmly engaging(never use unnecessary force,which might damage the machine).4)Make sure that the water bottle is firmly secured.5)The water bottle is correctly mounted when the text on it faces straight forward.Low concentration of carbon dioxide*The CO2 cylinder is empty - insert a new cylinder.*The CO2 cylinder is too cold - wait until the CO2 cylinder has reached room temperature.*The water is too hot(max 12°C). Only use tepid water to obtain the best result.Contact us:SalesManager:CocoWongTEL: +8.6-7.5.5- +8.6-7.5.5- +8.6- sales21@shop405.comCompanyAddress: South3F,B#Building,No.71-2XintianRoad,FuyongStreet,Baoandistrict,Shenzhen,518103China&&&

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