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Shenzhen Professional Intelligent LED Decoration Light Manufacturers

Shenzhen Grephon Technology Industry Co., Ltd.(Stevin ,8-6-1-3-4-8-0-7-3-3-8-0-5)is a professional intelligent LED Decoration Light OEM manufacturers.Nowadays, intelligent product is very popular, the road traffic system, monitoring system, access control, etc., and is a small piece of the Internet of things intelligent lighting, broadly considered lighting, lamps and lanterns of the understanding of the narrow sense is a simple remote control, dimming, toning.For intelligent Decoration Light, I think the trend of development is unstoppable, and with the improvement of level of consumption and consumer recognition, the depth of the intelligent Decoration Light homes and bring customers convenient and enjoy. But the current lighting business to the understanding of the intelligent Decoration Light is not deep, more focus on product replacement and the function of lighting. Intelligent, therefore, is to promote products, need to enhance the user experience, let the consumer feel intelligent products, leading to consumption.Grephon is to develop intelligent Decoration Light as the direction, product research and development department is currently developing the lighting products that can be connected to the wifi control, and work with new buildings of the central city launched example room, provide users with highly sense of science and technology of intelligent furniture lighting products experience.Contact us:Stevin : 8-6-1-3-4-8-0-7-3-3-8-0-5Jason : 8-6-1-8-3-1-9-1-7-7-2-2-0Phone :8-6-7-5-5-2-3-6-1-7-0-0-3S-kype : grephongroupEmail : grephon@szgfhd.comHTTP :

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